Automotive steel
700L-Z steel
700L-Z steel for automobile beams have high strength and good bending performance, which is suitable for beam parts.
B700QZR steel
As B700QZR Mechanical and B700QZR suppliers, we can supply B700QZR Chemical, B700QZR Mechanical and B700QZR standard for you ,please contact us
B600QK steel
As B600QK Mechanical and B600QK suppliers, we can supply B600QK Chemical, B600QK Mechanical and B600QK standard for you ,please contact us
B600QZR steel
As B600QZR Mechanical and B600QZR suppliers, we can supply B600QZR Chemical, B600QZR Mechanical and B600QZR standard for you ,please contact us
B750QZR steel
As B750QZR Mechanical and B750QZR suppliers, we can supply B750QZR Chemical, B750QZR Mechanical and B750QZR standard for you ,please contact us :